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Pumps & Compressors

QJBY Bearing application of Pumps & Compressors

QJBY BEARING manufactures and sells various bearings for pump and compressor applications. We rely on the most advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control to ensure that every bearing we produce for pump and compressor applications meets or exceeds customer needs and specifications.

Pumps and compressors are used to compress, condense and transport liquids and gases through various industrial processes. Industries that rely on pump and compressor technology include oil and gas processing, wastewater treatment facilities, power generation operations, and mining applications. These applications require reliable pumps and compressors that can operate for long periods of time under harsh conditions.

We provide you with:

A wide range of standard bearings with superior performance, offering operational reliability and unmatched cost efficiency
Experts at your service from the earliest design stages
Proven simulation tools to meet your performance requirements
Tailor-made solutions for special applications
All this is combined with a wide range of services: On-site technical support for operators, a comprehensive range of lubrication, maintenance tools, as well as customized training.

High-quality bearings can help pumps and compressors run efficiently during many years of heavy use. QJBY BEARING is a first-class bearing supplier, working with global manufacturers to determine suitable parts solutions for your pumps and compressors based on performance requirements and budget. Learn more about our Pumps & Compressors bearing options and immediately request a quote for the bearings you need to succeed in railway equipment.

All operators and manufacturers of rail vehicles, like passengers, want any A rail vehicle (from trams to high-speed trains) that has exceptionally high reliability And operational safety. Take the light rail vehicle as an example, the low floor is more concerned, And multi-group design, their running gears, bogies, and other components must be designed to be very compact.

Angular contact bearing

Angular contact ball bearings are designed to support high radial-axial loads at high speeds. QJBY angular contact bearings are manufactured with the highest quality materials for maximum durability and life cycle. Advanced technology helps ensure tight tolerances (even at high speeds), quiet operation, and minimal friction and wear. Therefore, TFL bearings are ideal for high-performance applications in various pump applications.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

QJBY cylindrical roller bearings are ideal for high speed, high temperature, and high load capacity (mainly radial), designed to minimize friction and improve performance and life cycle. They have wide bearing tolerances and single and double row configurations. Available cage materials include steel plate (pressed cage, Z-shaped), copper alloy cut cage, pin cage, and synthetic resin molded cage, which is very suitable for various pump applications.

Double row angular contact bearings

Double row angular contact bearings support radial and bidirectional axial loads but generally have a lower load capacity than two single row angular contact bearings. However, they have a longer service life, mainly when used under axial load conditions. QJBY double row angular contact bearings are durable, optimized to reduce friction and increase tolerances, and are commonly used in various pump applications.

Ceramic ball bearings

QJBY hybrid ceramic ball bearings are designed to maximize the advantages of ceramic balls and steel bearing structures to isolate and eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion, thereby achieving ultimate durability, life cycle, and performance. In most applications, hybrid ceramic bearings have a longer service life than all-steel bearings. They also generate less vibration than all-steel bearings. This reduces noise levels during operation and provides significant design advantages for compressor and pump applications.

Spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are designed to work under the harshest conditions. QJBY spherical roller bearings are designed to maximize the ability of spherical roller bearings to support high loads, compensate for severe shaft misalignment, absorb heavy shocks, and withstand high temperatures. TFL spherical roller bearings comply with ISO 15 standards and can be used in pumps for various industries and applications.

Deep groove ball bearing

Single row deep groove bearings are the most commonly used type of roller bearings in the world. Versatility and performance are some of their most attractive features. QJBY single row deep groove ball bearings maximize these functions and achieve excellent performance at very high speeds. They provide support for significant radial loads and moderate axial loads (in both directions). The advanced design of TFL single row deep groove bearings also makes them very quiet during operation, very durable, and almost maintenance-free in most pump applications.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered bearings are equipped with truncated cone rollers, divided into three types: slight cone angle, medium cone angle, and large cone angle—the greater the contact angle, the greater the axial bearing capacity. QJBY tapered roller bearings are used in various applications and are designed to absorb forces and maintain shaft alignment. They are designed to operate quietly and accurately, minimize friction, perform well at high speeds, and provide a long service life in pump applications.